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The ‘restaurant of order mistakes’ only employs waiters with dementia

(Photos via Spoon & Tamago/ Mizuho Kudo)

In an open-minded community, nobody should feel left out. People suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s deserve a chance to get out instead of sitting and home and being lonely. In an ideal world, they would just go to work. The only problem is, where can someone work who doesn’t remember a thing they’re doing most of the time? Start a career as a waiter at the pop-up ‘restaurant of order mistakes’ in Tokyo!

This unique project lets visitors know in advance that their waiters will probably get their order wrong. This way they won’t be annoyed when this happens and hopefully, they will change their perception of the disease and ultimately realise that dementia patients can actually function in society. The most important part of this experience is probably that the waiters seem to be enjoying themselves, which is a beautiful thing to see and perhaps even what it’s all about. So if you happen to be in Tokyo, make sure to plan a visit together with the unique hedgehog café and Book Hotel.

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