In South-Korea you can find an amusement park filled with giant penises

Visiting South-Korea wasn’t really on top of our travel list but that was before we found out about the existence of the Haesindang Park (Penis Park). This isn’t your usual amusement park. Instead, it’s filled with gigantic penises, which must be hilarious to walk through. You can’t turn around without staring another penis right in the eye. Penis here, penis there, penis everywhere. However, the story behind the Penis Park is actually quite tragic as it was founded after the death of a young woman. The story goes that a young (virgin) bride was drowned in the sea after which no fish were caught anymore.

Until – here comes the penis story – a fisherman ejaculated into the water and all the fish came back. There you’ve got it; the power of the penis. To stop other fishermen from doing the same thing the Penis Park was created as an offering to the sea. No, we haven’t made up this insane story, you can find the official source here.

Planning on visiting South-Korea anytime soon? You can find more info on the park here.

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