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Architectural digest shows a crazy big $21M townhouse in the Big Apple

Architectural Digest

(Screenshot YouTube / Architectural Digest)

Having a look inside pretty buildings is a little bit our guilty pleasure. Not in a creepy way, but by scrolling a bit trough Funda or by following some nice channels on YouTube. For example there is a Never too Small channel, where famous designers show us what they can do in a really small space, what for us, as citizens, is really nice – and helpful – to see. But the Architectural Digest channel does it a little bit different. No little houses, but really expensive giant mansions. The other day we had a look at the house of YouTube-star Casey Neistat in New York, a very neat apartment. But top of the list, The New York real estate broker Leonard Steinberg gives an unforgettable tour in a New York townhouse, not to mention the price, 21 million dollar.



A house of these dimensions (6 floors, including a gigantic garage) which is pretty rare in this beautiful part of New York and that’s obvious during the tour. We would like to stand for hours under that incredible three-double-rainshower, what a crazy thing:


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