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ASOS shares unairbrushed bikini photos and the Internet is loving it

(Photo via Asos)

You only realise how ‘edited’ the online fashion world is when models with stretch marks become ‘breaking news’. Good thing we’ve got social media where girls aren’t afraid to share body positive photos, however, when an online retailer acknowledges the existence of stretch marks that’s pretty next level. For ASOS‘ new swimwear campaign, the company decided to release campaign photos without airbrushing the models’ bodies. As a result, their stretch marks, cellulite and other skin perfections are perfectly showing. This is a pretty big deal since ASOS has recently been criticised for calling a size 10 a large. This is a step in the right direction, inspiring other companies to do the same.


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    Samantha poole
    July 6, 2017 at 00:52

    About time! The unrealistic goal airbrushing photos like these puts remarkable pressure on young girls and women. Like that’s how they should look. Not only that but now we actually get a realistic idea of what normal people will look like in these items instead of picturing barbie with our own face lol

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