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At Bluespoon Amsterdam you can enjoy the most creative cocktails in town

(Photos via Bluespoon)

Since you can enjoy a ‘Manhattan’ on every street corner nowadays, we love to try more unique cocktail bars. We are big fans of the ‘hotelbar’ trend but somehow we never visited the Bluespoon Bar in the beautiful Hotel Andaz on the Prinsengracht.

At first, you might need to get used to the cocktail menu because it looks a lot like an IKEA-guide. But immediately it becomes clear that Bluespoon has put a lot of time and passion in their drinks menu. The friendly and helpful barmen (under the leadership of Agnieszka Rozenska and head bartender Martin Eisma) explain how we need to ‘read’ the menu and immediately everything makes a lot more sense. The idea is to read the cocktail menu like an ordinary menu, where the construction and tastes complement each other perfectly. A small disclaimer: if you – like we did – follow the complete menu, you might need to send your boss a message saying that you need to come in a bit later the next morning.


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You don’t order a Sex on the Beach or a Manhatten here (which they do have but with a unique twist). Instead, you let yourself get carried away with unique tastes and completely new cocktails. Therefore, Agnieszka Rozenska prefers to call Bluespoon cocktails ‘moments‘ because they tend to stick with you for a while. This might sound at first a bit like marketing crap talk but we understand exactly what they mean after an evening of Bluespoon. Every cocktail comes with a unique twist and we’ve tested things that we’ve never tasted before in a drink.

Take for example the ‘El Greengo’ cocktail, which – as its name suggests – is completely green. Not because it involves a shot of Pisang Ambon but because the main ingredient is avocado. See, something we’ve never seen before! Before we ordered our green friend, we expected it to have a solid and creamy structure but the contrary was the case. The cocktail tastes like lemonade with a hint of tequila. A must try!

Aga and Martin creating the ‘El Greengo’:

With head-bartender Martin Eisma as a team player, Aga has also looked at the waste that occurs at most cocktail bars. Together they have decided to come up with a plan. At Bluespoon they only use leaves, juice and residual citrus skin, over-ripe fruit and residual herbs to create fresh lemonade. Whuut?! Yes for real so you can visit Bluespoon with a relaxed and green heart. That’s what we like to call a fun win-win.

The beautiful people at Bluespoon have the skill and expertise to turn a boring regular Tuesday evening into a very special one. But here the real deal comes in: our favourites of this special Tuesday evening. In random order: the El Greengo (because of the unexpected fresh taste), the ‘Beeting ‘round the bush’ (beetroot with alcohol?! beetroot with alcohol!) and another classic: ‘Barrel aged smoked Manhattan’ (we call ourselves ‘Manhatten’ lovers and this is hands down the best one we’ve ever tried).

Tip: walk past the lobby when visiting Bluespoon, look up and be prepared to be amazed. This is the amazing work of Dutch designer Marcel Wanders.

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