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At this restaurant you can eat a burger of 3 kilos

Burgers van Barneveld
Screenshot: Instagram Donny Roelvink

In this city there are so many burger restaurants, that we can’t decide which one we like the most. One is open until midnight and the others they are specialized in burgers and only burgers. But most of the burgers are all the same size. But for those who think these burgers are way too small, a trip to Barneveld is most likely what they are looking for.


Why Barneveld? Here you can find Burgers van Barneveld. Sounds just like a simple buger restaurant, don’t you think? Yes it is, but anything but simple. At Burgers van Barneveld you have the ‘Big Daddy Challenge’. Can you handle the Big Daddy 10? A burger that consists of 3 kilos of meat. As the owner Barbara Achterberg says, it started as a small joke but now it’s a true sensation. It started with a burger of 300 grams and now it is a contest who can eat the most burgers. In the restaurant you will also find a Wall of Fame, who finishes the burger gets its own spot on the wall. Please note that what you order must also be eaten if you want to end up on this wall. If you order the Big Daddy 10 and you only eat 4 of them, this does not count for a place on the wall.

Do you think you can handle one of these gigantic burgers? Then quickly drive to Burgers van Barneveld to claim your spot on the wall. Currently the record is on the Big Daddy Double Nine of 2.7 kilos. So it is still possible to eat the Big Daddy 10 and your name will be the first on that list.

Burgers van Barneveld
Schoutenstraat 33 | website

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