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Avocado-shaped Easter eggs are the latest fun food trend

(Photo via Shutterstock/279photo Studio)

For those who were quietly waiting for the avocado trend to disappear, perhaps following the ‘extinction’ of the extremely popular green fruit, we’ve got bad news because the opposite seems to be happening. The population’s hipster’s love for avocados is even spreading across other fields. British supermarket Waitrose has taken this opportunity to launch avocado-shaped Easter eggs. Who’s ready for an avocado Easter egg hunt?

The special Easter eggs probably won’t have any nutritional benefits but they do looks surprisingly yummy. Plus, don’t worry if avocados aren’t your thing because the Easter eggs don’t actually contain any real avocado but instead “delicious dark chocolate shell, white chocolate ‘flesh’ and an inner cocoa-dusted ‘stone.‘” At least this is a positive food trend to save the world from an avocado shortage. Available in-store and online from 20 February at Waitrose.

PS. Cant get enough of avocados? Make sure to visit Europe’s first avocado restaurant in Amsterdam or pop-up version in London.

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