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Babies in Australia just got their own spa and the photos are absolutely adorable


Being a baby isn’t as easy as everyone thinks it is. You’re moving around the entire day, you have to this, you have to that. More importantly, you can’t do this and you certainly can’t do that. We can imagine being a baby takes its toll on your energy level and by the end of the day, you’ll be in need of some well-deserved rest or even better, some well-deserved spa time! So that’s exactly what babies in Western Australia got. 


Baby Spa Perth has officially opened its doors and now offers high-class hydrotherapy and massages exclusively for clients under 6 months old. They even provide their own patented flotation device, known as the Bubby. Not only are these mini-baths insanely adorable, they’re relaxing for little ones and help prepare them for swimming lessons. Can we please be a baby again, just for a day?! Even though Baby Spa Perth is the first of its kind in Australia, it joins a line of international franchises. Spa founder, Laura Sevenus, also operates baby spas in England, South Africa, and Spain.
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