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The 5 best Airbnb apartments you can rent in beautiful Amsterdam


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If you’ve been following us for a while now, you’ll know that we love to show you the coolest and hottest hotspots in our hometown Amsterdam. No idea what we’re talking about? Check out our Amsterdam hotspot section on the blog. However, in order to fully experience these hotspots and the best city in the world you need a good place to stay. This can be a fancy hotel or you could get more local and rent an Airbnb apartment. During the last couple of years, we’ve become big fans of Airbnb not just to book our own holidays with but also for discovering the coolest places in any town. So why not share our discoveries with you guys!

PS. Not sure how to spend your days in Amsterdam? We’ve shared the ultimate to-do guide in Amsterdam and the 10 must-visit restaurants in the Dutch capital.

Bright water villa on superb location

When visiting Amsterdam it’s technically a must to sleep on a houseboat. The perks of spending the night on a houseboat are that they’re often located at the best spots in town where regular houses can’t come. That’s exactly the case with this amazing houseboat. It’s located 10 minutes from Central Station and 5 min from the must-visit neighbourhood the Jordaan so you’ll find everything within walking distance.

Airbnb Amsterdam

Airbnb Amsterdam

Very special split level space in trendy east area

Another thing you’ll probably only find in Amsterdam is one of these gorgeous split level apartments. This way you get a spacious living room with loads of natural daylight like you’ve never seen before. Furthermore, we love the cosy and colourful interior, which makes this home the perfect place to stay for a small family with kids. As it’s located close to Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo, we’re sure you’ll have a lovely time here.

Airbnb Amsterdam

Airbnb Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum view Penthouse

A penthouse with a view on the Rijksmuseum, do we need to say more?! This penthouse is located on the top floor of an original 18th-century Dutch building and is described as the perfect treat for a couple. Imagine waking up and casually walking to the best museums in town? It doesn’t get more local than this. And look at that cute spacious bedroom in the attic.

Airbnb Amsterdam

Airbnb Amsterdam

Canal view apartment in Centre

The best part of Amsterdam? Its canals! So what better way to enjoy Amsterdam in a canal home. This apartment is officially a monumental building with a stunning interior. Again located in the trendy east part of Amsterdam.

Airbnb Amsterdam Airbnb Amsterdam

Stylish studio with stunning river view

We’ve got to admit we’re a sucker for pretty apartments and interior (if you haven’t already noticed). This adorable studio apartment has some modern bohemian vibes, which will more likely give you the feeling as though you’ve arrived in Marocco only to walk out the door to find out you’re right in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Airbnb Amsterdam

Airbnb Amsterdam



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