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The 5 best apartments in New York City you can rent on Airbnb

New York City

(Photos via Shutterstock/Airbnb)

Everyone who has been lucky enough to visit the amazing city of New York knows that Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s lyrics are 100% true. “These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you” Yes, book a ticket to New York and you’ll come back as a different person. As there’s so much to see and get you inspired it’s important to have a place you can call home for a couple of days when you’re busy exploring the city. For now, we’ve found you guys the 6 best Airbnb apartments you can rent in the concrete jungle of NYC.

PS. Happen to be visiting New York during the famous City Marathon? Check out the best Airbnbs in each borough.

Massive sun-filled loft in prime Williamsburg

Williamsburg is also known as the birthplace of the modern-day hipsters, which you’ll notice immediately once walking its streets. Nevertheless, this does mean that the place is filled with nice coffee places and restaurants. You do need to cross the Williamsbridge to visit Manhattan, which will cost you some time but if this means you can wander the streets of Williamsburg that doesn’t even matter. This apartment fits perfectly with that.

Airbnb New York

Airbnb New York

Union sq/flatiron studio loft

This is our favourite neighbourhood in New York, just outside the chaotic neighbourhood of Midtown and right in, what feels to us like the real New York. Perfect to get a cup of coffee in Greenwich and walk straight to the Hig Line. This place has it all.

Airbnb New York

Airbnb New York

Large, Renovated Alcove Studio in Manhatten’s UES!

After watching endless Gossip Girl episode, we secretly have always dreamt of living on the Upper East Side. Make your dream come true in this Airbnb apartment. We’re sure Blair would approve of the interior.

Airbnb New York Airbnb New York

Zen home near café Habana & Gitane

Don’t blame us as this isn’t the most ‘stylish’ Airbnb option but its location is certainly worth it. Located in the same neighbourhood as the first apartment, this is once again the best place to stay in NYC. Don’t take the photos too serious, the interior design is very interesting, but the reviews are great (trust us).

Airbnb New York

Airbnb New York

Brownstone Studio

We stay in Brooklyn a bit longer with this amazing stylish apartment that fits perfectly with the neighbourhood. Cool brick walls and an industrial feel, just like the Historic quiet street. Close by you’ll find bus routes that will take you straight to busy Manhattan.

Airbnb New York Airbnb New York

Want to experience New York closer to home? At Hotel Arena in Amsterdam you get the same NYC vibes without having to take the plane.


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