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Mamma Mia! The top-5 best pizza restaurants in Amsterdam

Steenoven pizza

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We don’t know about you but we survived our student time almost completely on ‘5 euro pizzas‘. However, what we also standard got with this choice of dinner was a bad side dish of stomachache for the rest of the evening. Our hate-love relationship with pizza has over time resulted in a pure love story. Nowadays you can find a lot of pizza restaurants in Amsterdam that take the art of pizza-making very seriously instead of shoving it to the fast food side. These pizza restaurants are also perfect date material since the only stomachache you’ll be getting here are butterflies.

” Pizza sharing, is caring”

Disclaimer: even though we had loads of fun creating this list, it is of course based on personal experiences and thus very subjective. We completely understand that finding out that your favourite pizza restaurant isn’t on the list might give you mixed feeling and all we want to do is make you happy! In case your favourite restaurant didn’t make the list, please let us know in the comments and we will make sure to check it out! Because pizza sharing, is caring. 


We immediately start off this list with our own personal favourite pizza ever (outside of Italy, of course) after the pizza hell during our student time. And we aren’t the only ones as Pazzi has recently opened a second location in Amsterdam. There is probably no other way than describing their pizzas as real-life pizza heaven and as we all know that pizza is actually heaven, it becomes clear that this is simply the best there is in town. Our favourite pizza here has got to be the Marinara (anchovy, love it).

Pazzi Amsterdam | website
Eerste Looiersdwarsstraat & De Clercqstraat 93III

Pazzi Amsterdam

(Photo via Pazzi Amsterdam)


Another personal favourite on this list, which has nothing to do with the fact that YamYam is located just 500 meters from our home. We promise. This is one of the only pizza restaurants where you need to make a reservation every single day of the week. It doesn’t matter if this happens to be on a grey Monday evening or a sunny Sunday afternoon (they also have a small terrace) because it’s always busy. Even though we always order pizza YamYam because of the amazing truffle sauce, we also happen to go for pasta more often. It’s all possible at the booming hotspot in west Amsterdam.

YamYam Trattoria Pizzeria | website
Frederik Hendrikstraat 88-90

YamYam Trattoria Pizzeria

De Pizzabakkers

The first type of pizza ‘chain’ restaurant on this list but only because all five locations are worth a visit. Here all heavenly pizzas are prepared in a wood-fired oven and quality definitely comes first over here. We tend to combine a visit to the Pizzabakkers (or the other way around) when going to the cinema at The Movies. The best way to recover from a food coma. We highly recommend (if you like blue cheese), the Campagnola with yummy grilled courgette. Yum!

De Pizzabakkers | website
Multiple locations in town (Google Maps)

De Pizzabakkers

(Photo via De Pizzabakkers)

Pizzeria Palorma

Don’t get fooled by the rather kitsch interior of this restaurant because its quality doesn’t lie. It might not be as hot and happening as the other restaurants on this list when it comes to the interior, but nevertheless, it’s always packed. We guess this has something to do with the amazing price/quality combination because the prices are reasonably lower compared to the other options on this list. Tip for people who prefer spicy pizza, tell the staff and the chef will personally come to your table to ask how spicy you would like your pizza. We were left with a mouth on fire but that was exactly what we were going for.

Pizzeria Palorma | no website, you can make a reservation via +31 (0)20 625 3434
Plantage Kerklaan 28

Sfeerfoto pizzeria

La Perla

We might as well call the neighbourhood, the Jordaan, Little Italy because the amount of high-quality pizza restaurants around here is endless. Here you can also find another personal favourite of ours: Toscanini. But let’s stick to the point because we want to talk about another favourite: La Perla. Even though you can enjoy your pizza inside, we love to order a takeaway pizza and enjoy it on the small bench outside. With the warmth of the oven in your back and your eyes on the desserts on the opposite side of the street at café de Tuin. Ask ten random people what they think is the best pizza restaurant in Amsterdam and 8/10 will name La Perla. A real hotspot in town.

La Perla Pizzeria | website
Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 53

La Perla

(Photo via La Perla)

Bonus tip for pizza cravings late at night: Collina (online)

Ordering pizza when you’re drunk in the middle of the night is probably never a good idea. For your stomach that is because the quality doesn’t tend to be very good. But there are hidden gems and that’s what we’re here for, known as almost all-nighter Collina. During the weekend, you can order pizzas till 05:00 (during the week till 04:00) made with just as much love as the other restaurants on the list. Try and save a piece for the next morning because there’s nothing better than a piece of cold pizza from Collina when you get up with a hangover.

Collina | website
De Clercqstraat 32

Pizza bezorger

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