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Believe us, if we can not live without one thing, then it is clearly Netflix. When we come home after a long working day we always have to have some ‘me time’. And what do we mean with me time? In bed or on the couch with one of our favorite Netflix series or shows. For example, in December we’ve rewatched all these 12 movies. And so the list continues …

But still, there was something we really missed on our favorite streaming service. You’ve probably noticed that something is not offered on Netflix. You can find every genre that you can imagine. All the best true crime documentaries, for example. Anyway, it is not about what can be found (because it is a lot and if we have to talk about all our faves, we’re probably busy until tomorrow), but about what can not be found. We have one real guilty pleasure: reality television. Yes, we admit that we have seen every season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. And even have to admit that if Americans ask us where that terrible American accent comes from when we have a conversation with them, we will blame this on the Kardashian family. What can we say? We’ve been following this family for over 11 years now.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians


But with the Kardashians it has not remained alone. The moment that E! Entertainment aired on Dutch television, we were hooked. What vloggers are for every child in this time, is what E! Entertainment used to be for us. Unfortunately, E! at some point left television again and we had to stream everything illegally. And once you get used to Netflix’ quality, those horrible pixel videos are really horrible. And we haven’t even started about the sound and video that do not always run the same. Drama. That is why, with pain in our hearts, we stopped watching all these great shows.

But like someone listened to our prayers, there was Hayu. Since December it is also possible to have a subscription in the Netherlands for Hayu, where more than 150 American reality shows are streamed. And that for only €5.99 per month. So you can watch it on your laptop, smart TV, tablet and even on your phone (they also have an app!). Bye social life!

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