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Bring Life to Your Memorable Moments in Life with Wallpics Photo Tiles

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Time passes so fast that you don’t even know when things get changed in your life. The only thing that reminds you of the old days is the photos. These snaps have a lot to say about your memorable days when you were a child and had a different look. When you decorate your home then do not forget to bring life to these special moments which have got lost in your memories. Choose your memorable pics and make them into Wallpics to make your home look stunning with it. Wallpics celebrate these memories of yours and want you to relive the moments by looking at them on the walls of your home.
Keeping this in mind here some of the ways have been discussed with which Wallpics can help in making your life beautiful with your special snaps. Scroll down to learn more about these ideas and why Wallpics is one of the best choices of wall décor for your home.

How to decorate your home with Wallpics to rejoice your old pictures?

There are many ways to decorate your homes. One way is to embellish it with precious home and wall decors. The other way is to keep things simple and place the things that have something to tell about your life in your home. This way you make yourself happier and even those who value relationships and old friends will like this way of decorating your home. Here some steps to decorate your home with memorable pictures have been discussed and these are:

Step 1: Segregate the different chapters of your life

Everyone’s life is like a novel. The only difference lies in the fact that in this novel you are the protagonist. All your old photos can be separated into different segments and each of these is like a chapter of your life telling something about you. You just need to bring together all the photos belonging to one chapter together. For instance, you can have a chapter of you and your childhood friends. Then just select all the photos of your old friends and you having a special time.

Step 2: Select a particular set of these photos for Wallpics

Once you have done the first step, then you need to select the photos for Wallpics – Photo Tiles. Make sure when you select the photos, you try to bring your memories alive. This is something which you can easily do by choosing those pictures that have a lot to tell about you. However, it is also important to understand that these photos need to complement the wall on which you are planning to paste it.

Step 3: Place the order

After you have decided which pictures you want to place on the walls of your home and will make your home look attractive, then place the order. The process of placing the order is very simple. Firstly, you need to download Wallpicsapp. This is the mobile application for Wallpics available on the Apple store. The Android version of the app is also available apart from the iOS one. After you download it, then upload the selected pictures on the app and then place the order. It is important to remember that you have to place a minimum order of three photos as Wallpics are available in a set of three and you are also allowed to add more snaps if you wish to. You only need to pay an extra amount for each additional photo.


What is the cost of Wallpics?

High-quality wall decors have become very costly these days. All the unique ones can dip into your pocket and the cheap ones will never give you the look that you expect. Even the poor quality of most of the cheap wall decors will make your home unattractive. Wallpics is one such wall décor which is affordable and yet of premium quality. At Wallpics the quality is never compromised. Perhaps that is why such a good special sticky double-sided adhesive is used in these customized pictures. This way it ensures your walls remain free from any damage and you reuse Wallpics.

Seen with respect to the features that Wallpics offer, it becomes clear that this value for money and truly cost-effective. You just need to pay $35 for a set of three photos and in case you want to add new photos then it will cost you $9 per additional photo. The best thing about Wallpics is that the shipping is free for the US address. Even for the other place, you can get Wallpics delivered and the cost of shipping is not very high.

Why choose Wallpics?

Wallpics has many amazing features that make it worth buying wall décor. It is these attributes of Wallpics that make it your best option for a wall decorative:

Simple to place on the wall

You just need to stick Wallpics on the wall and you are free. You do not have to take any extra effort, which makes it a handy wall décor.

Can be moved from one wall to the other

Another thing that will impress you is that Wallpics can be moved from one room to the other. It is not only easy to stick on the walls but easy to remove from the walls. This way you can reuse it many times.

Never damages the walls on your home

The adhesive used in Wallpics ensure that it keeps your wall safe from any type of mark and you do not even need a nail or screw to place Wallpics.


You select the pictures and then place the order. Being customized it ensures that it looks perfect in your home.


You must opt for Wallpics if you really want to celebrate your memorable moments and bring life to it. These customized photo tiles will make your room refreshed with some old memories and make your home not only beautiful but highly attractive.

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