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Bucket List for daredevils: With a skateboard of a French Mountain

Raw Run || The Cliffs of France video

(Screenshot: Raw Run || The Cliffs of France / YouTube)


Hooooly shit. It doesn’t happen that often that we have goosebumps watching a video, just like last time when we were watching the docu Free Solo (which received an oscar btw). Also at Raw Run || The Cliffs of France we had serious goosebumps, because the only thing you can think about are those naked elbows of this crazy daredevil. Which flies reasonably unprotected from a French mountain road at god knows how many kilometers per hour. The daredevil Josh Neuman and his YouTube channel is filled with this kind of cool videos. Although this is the perfect item for the Colourful Rebel Bucketlist, we’re still doubting about the feasibility for us. Maybe we can first try it with a bike, to make sure we survive!


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