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Bucketlist # 19 | Goat Yoga in het Amsterdamse Bos


Photo: Yogalesje

We cancelled all of our social activities last Saturday night, to go to bed early. There was something very special on our list the next day. Our well-known bucketlist. Last time it was an early morning at the Nieuwe Meer for an adventurous time of fly-boarding and this time it was at nine o’clock in the morning at the goat farm in het Amsterdamse Bos. An hour bike ride from where we live.

A morning on the goat farm

After a full hour on our bikes, we finally arrived in the middle of the forest at Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve. Sitting on your bike at 7:45 am is certainly no fun, but if you end up in the middle of the forest, with the rising sun, you have completely forgotten how much effort you spent getting out of bed this morning. Because this view, is something you won’t find in the city.

Amsterdamse Bos

Photo: Colourful Rebel

But the big question is, what were we doing at the goat farm at 9 o’clock in the morning? We were here to mark number 19 of our Colourful Rebel’s Bucketlist: goat yoga. And when we arrived at the farm, we forgot for a moment what the smell of a goat farm is like. Not too fresh. But we soon forgot about that that, when we were welcomed by all those cute goats.

When the group is complete, our yoga teacher Brenda Bood tells us we can go to the stable to find our own goat. This means you have ‘your own’ goat for the whole lesson. And at the end of the lesson you have to find your own goat again and bring it back to its place. We immediately find a sweet light brown goat (ha, light brown, perhaps easier to remember) and we fall in love. This will be our best friend for the next hour.


Photo: Brenda Bood

When you think of yoga with goats, you probably giggle a bit. Maybe you won’t take it very seriously in the beginning. Because yoga in combination with a goat does not sound too serious for many people. Yet Bood explains that this is a wonderful form of yoga. An animal is equal to nature and contact with nature is contact with yourself. For example, yoga means connection and thus a yoga lesson with goats ensures that this fully comes into its own. And another fun fact is that by touching an animal, oxytocin is released. This is a cuddle hormone. That in turn ensures that your body relaxes naturally.

Bare feet in the straw

And then a few moments later you find yourself bare feet in the straw. This is also the place where you will follow the class. And this is why we find this concept even more fun. This is the moment where the goats do their own thing. And by doing their own thing we mean: jump on you, nibble on your hair or do a number two in front of you.


Photo: Brenda Bood

And after a few exercises, we completely surrender. Where everything might be a bit ‘crazy’ at the beginning, nothing distracts us anymore. A goat with his paws on your shoulders? It gives you a smile on your face. With your nose dug deep in the straw, where there is a goat poop next to your face? We really don’t care. After a lesson goat yoga, we dare to say that we are feeling zen, but also very happy. We thought the view of the rising sun was worth getting up early, but after experiencing this lesson, it was really worth getting up that early. Dear goats, we will see you again very soon on Saturday or Sunday morning.

Geiten Yoga Boerderij Ridammerhoeve
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