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Bucketlist # 39 | Ziplining at the pier of Scheveningen


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If you ask someone the next question: what is on your bucket list? Then everyone has an answer to this. Everyone has a list of something they would still like to do. This can be something very simple like learning to play darts. But maybe you always wanted to travel the world or visit Australia. And then there is the bucket list for the real daredevil, which consists of only wild activities. Or for the sports enthusiast among us: flyboarding on the Nieuwe Meer or Indoor (VR) Skydiving (it’s a-ma-zing).

And why stay at home all day or at the office if you can do these sorts of things? We prefer doing some crazy activities. And with that being said: we made Colourful Rebel’s Bucketlist. Because you know, Drake definitely spoke the truth: you only live once #yolo.

Number 39.

So, there it is, number 39: ziplining. Thinking of ziplining, people often see the forests of Costa Rica. We can already tell you: we did not do this. At least, not in Costa Rica. Did you know there is a zipline in The Netherlands? That’ll save you quite a few hours of flying. We took the sprinter to The Hague and in only 1.5 hours you’re at the pier of Scheveningen.

Many of you probably already know the Bungy. All those crazy people who jump of a 60-meter building. Our bucket list is big, believe us, but this is something we just do not dare to do. The idea that you have to take the step to drop yourself of such a height, we’d rather skip that. And yet we dare to zipline from the same height. Because since April 2017 it is possible to do this at Zip Holland. And that was our plan.

Thank God for good weather though. A good twenty degrees, sun and a clear blue sky. We might have gotten a better view than that in Central America. Because at 60 meters altitude you have a beautiful view over a large part of the boulevard and you look over the water where in the distance you can almost see Ipswich, England. Anyway, before you get there prepare for a climb that’ll take your breath away. Not in a good way.


Photo: Z. Jacobs / Shutterstock.com

High, higher, highest.

And there we are. At the top of the tower, in a harness of a few wires that’ll hold us. And it freaks us out. Then we suddenly start to get scared. Even though we had a big mouth downstairs. And problem number 2: this is where the instructor tells you what to do.

So, if you have fear of heights like us, it is rather difficult to focus. He tells us to watch out at the end and to push away our heads from the cable, otherwise there is a big chance you’ll bump your nose into the cable and blood is guaranteed. And then the door opens.

Now it’s just a matter of doing it. All you have to do is sit and then the rope does the rest of the work. It is a distance of 350 meters and we have no idea how fast it will go. Maybe we find that the scariest of the whole ride. But at some point you have to start believing and put aside your fears. That is what we did (perhaps with our eyes closed). And then you are suddenly (repeat: 60 meters) high in the air, with only a rope that is holding you. The GoPro (we’ve got one disappointment: we filmed in slow motion, so there is no footage) in one hand, the rod in the other. After we dared to open our eyes again, we had no other word for the view than: beautiful. Maybe we did not even have words for it. The speed was not too bad and once you are in the air, you have also forgotten about your fear.

The advantage of holding the rod with only one hand is that you can no longer steer and therefore rotate (this is not entirely an advantage, but we see it as an advantage), so you can enjoy the view more. You do not just look ahead of you, but you are slowly turning around. It’s an attraction in an attraction, winning. But then there comes the disadvantage. When in the world do we have to push our heads back if we do not know where the line ends? We were ziplining in the opposite direction! We quickly found out about that ourselves. So, for the real daredevils: ziplining with one hand is the shit. At risk of a bloody nose.

And when you’re back on the ground with both feet, the only thing you can think of is: let’s do this again! It only takes you one minute and it’s (unfortunately) faster than you think. We cannot compare it with the forests in Costa Rica, but this is a perfect alternative for the Netherlands. And perhaps also one of the nicer (perhaps most beautiful) views in the Netherlands.

Zip Holland
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