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Bucketlist # 4 | Flyboarding on de Nieuwe Meer

Bucketlist flyboarden

Photos: Colourful Rebel

When the clock strikes 6 p.m. we rush home and enjoy a lazy evening on the couch. And before we go to bed, the first thing we check is our agendas. And we almost forgot we had to wake up very early the next day, because we had something fun and exciting ahead of us. We had to be at de Nieuwe Meer at 9 in the morning, for flyboarding at FlyboardWorld.

Most of you may know de Nieuwe Meer as the place to be to spend your day on a boat and end it with a tropical barbecue. Unfortunately, this Saturday morning was less tropical than we were hoping for. We were a tad grumpy when we left so early in the morning, but our grumpiness disappeared within minutes when Luuk from FlyboardWorld showed us the demonstration of the fun time we had ahead of us. This was going to be fun. But we have to be honest, we also were a bit nervous, because we would never be as good as Luuk.

Bucketlist flyboarden

(This was our first try)

Do not forget about the instructions

‘’This is how you should do it,’’ the FlyboardWorld crew joked. After putting on the wetsuit, helmet and life jacket a short introduction followed, which we forgot within minutes because we were that nervous. So, here’s a tip: please, do not forget about the instructions and really try to remember them. The last ten minutes in the water we finally got to spend on the water, thanks to the great instructions we finally managed to show our inner superhero. So, push away the nervousness and just do it! We can tell you, it isn’t scary at all.

So, here’s a tip: please, do not forget about the instructions and really try to remember them

Bucketlist flyboarden

Wetsuit = f*cking warmsuit

The thing we were most afraid of was the cold. It was raining, it was early in the morning and the heatwaves from this summer felt like ages ago. The moment we entered the water after we got of the jet skis felt like we entered a warm bath. Best invention of the century goes to the wetsuit! You might understand that this was the first time ever wearing this piece of latex (but it won’t be the last time, watch us). So, the rain and cold is no excuse.

Bucketlist flyboarden

It’s your favourite superhero

And this is where the fun starts. When the nervousness for the cold disappears and you know how to balance on the board, the only thing you want is to stay on for hours. The only thing that stopped us was that after ten minutes of intense flyboarding (and lots of falling down again) we were exhausted. Who needs a gym when you can flyboard? After our session was done, we sent a message to our friends that ‘WE REALLY HAVE TO DO THIS TOGETHER!’ There are also two jet skis available for (big) groups. If this isn’t on your bucketlist yet (are you crazy?), please write it down in capital letters and try to do it as soon as possible. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss!

Go for it!

After reading this and putting it on your bucketlist (if it wasn’t already) and you want to do this before 2019, you have to be fast. You can only do this till the end of October (really depends on the weather) at FlyboardWorld. Then there’s a break until April. Even though the wetsuit is warm, we know how our ‘Siberian’ winters can be. So, you know what to do. You now have a new addition to your bucketlist. And the only thing you have to do is check out their website, book an appointment, set those nerves aside and GO FOR IT!

FlyboardWorld Amsterdam
Oude Haagseweg 18 | website

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