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Can’t get enough of fun pool floats? Visit this huge inflatable unicorn island

(Photo via Inflatable Island)

The pool float hype is getting bigger and better. Literally. From huge wine bottle pool floats and flamingo floats that fit 6 people, we’ve now come across what looks like everything combined. In the Philippines, a gigantic pool float playground exists and it’s completely pastel unicorn Instagram heaven. Hello summer fun!

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Inflatable Island is located in Subic Bay, about 80 miles from the capital city Manila, and it’s officially ‘the biggest floating playground in Asia‘ as it covers almost eight basketball courts including inflatable slides, towers and a ‘human launcher’. We can feel our inner child coming back to life. If you’re done with all the fun and need a rest, you can hang out on the Pink Bali Lounge, where you can relax in pink and purple coloured lounge beds. Let the sun shine, enjoy a few cocktails and enjoy unicorn paradise.

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3/3 ☀🌊

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My inner child is SCREAMING!!! 🌈😱

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