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World’s first Nutella café has officially opened in Chicago

(Photo via Shutterstock/SSokolov)

Nothing beats some good old Nutella. On your toast or straight from the jar with a spoon, it all tastes the best. You might be surprised that Nutella’s first official store is opening only just now since we’re pretty sure we’ve been seeing Nutella everywhere. This one, however, is the world’s first official Nutella Café and has opened in the lucky city of Chicago.

(Photos via Eater Chicago)

It’s designed to make you feel like ‘you’re walking into a jar of Nutella’. We don’t think that can go wrong when looking at the menu. The café serves all different kinds of Nutella heaven, on crepes, ice cream, oatmeal, croissants, waffles, pancaked, fruit fondue, cake and pannacotta. The ultimate piece of proof that you can match Nutella with about anything. Even better, you can enjoy all the delights any time of the day since the café will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now, all we need is a ticket to Chicago.

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