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From Czech cuisine to vegetarian: our 3 favourite restaurants in Prague


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We believe that a good city trip experience must consist of at least three factors: a good place to stay, fun things to do and good food to enjoy. We’re still contemplating if the weather should be a part of this list but we’re convinced that if all of the mentioned factors are positive, the weather shouldn’t be a determining factor. Either way, we can tell you that during our weekend getaway in Prague this checklist was completely successful. Even the weather. There was one part that stood out, big time; the food. Therefore, we’re more than happy to share our three favourite restaurant experiences in beautiful Prague.

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Kolkovna | Czech cuisine in the heart of the Old Town

If you’re looking for a typical Czech food experience, believe us, this is the place to be. Located in the heart of the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter, this is the perfect place to stop by after or during sightseeing. The Kolkovna restaurant looks a bit like a typical pub but with a Czech touch. On the walls, you’ll find old photos of Prague and original beer mugs.

This history is also very visible in the restaurant’s food menu, which consists of Czech cuisine only. We highly recommend the meat platter as a starter because it’s basically just Czech on a platter and the best introduction to the beautiful country. When it comes to mains we can assure you, you won’t have to worry when it comes to portions because they don’t hold back. We highly recommend the beef broth with liver dumplings, goulash and roasted duck.

Kolkovna, New Town, Prague, Czechia | Website

Roast Pork Knee in Prague🇨🇿

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Eska | Culinary food for the real foodies

If you want to know where the real foodies hang out in Prague, make sure to visit the neighbourhood Kralin. Here you’ll find cute coffee shops, concept stores and vintage stores on every corner. When it comes to good food there’s only one place you should keep in mind: Eska. You’ll immediately notice that this is where the trendy people come to enjoy unique dishes because unique this place certainly is.

Eska restaurant Prague

(Photo via Eska)

We tried the ‘Fermented red wheat, mushrooms, pine needles, juniper’ and the ‘Farmer’s chicken, parsnip, apple, mustard’ main dishes, topped off with ‘Grilled plums, blue cheese, hazelnuts‘ for dessert. Don’t get scared because of the unusual ingredients as it tastes amazing without it appearing like the chef tried too hard. Besides the food, we need to mention the interior of this place. Downstairs you can find an organic bakery and open kitchen, where the magic happens. Upstairs a very simplistic, almost Scandinavian design is present. Certainly Instagram worthy.

Eska, Pernerova 49, Prague 8-Karlín, Czechia | Website

Smoke good, eat good, live good 🔑🦁🙏 @eska_karlin

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Clear Head | Vegetarian restaurant with unique setting

While the design at Eska is more sophisticated, the vegetarian restaurant Clear Head is very creative. We were lucky enough to get a table in the ‘universal room’ because every room in the restaurant has a different theme. Therefore, we were able to enjoy our food under a starry sky. No, this restaurant isn’t located outside but the ceiling in this room is covered in spotlights.

Amazing vegetarian lunch after my yoga class. #goodgirl

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Nevertheless, it wasn’t just the interior that surprised us but the food even more so. Here you can order almost every popular dish in a vegetarian version, from tacos to gyros and even burgers. The vegan cheesecake was probably our favourite. We would become vegetarians straightaway if it were for this place.

Clear Head, Boršov 280, Prague 1-Old Town, Czechia | Website

vegetarian heaven

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