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Amsterdam’s first street art bar & restaurant is officially our favourite hotspot

(Photos via De Bajes)

We must admit, at first we weren’t exactly sure what to expect from a ‘street art’ restaurant but now that we do, we don’t want anything else. Imagine a restaurant with high ceilings and loads of space, what better way to decorate it than by allowing a bunch of talented artists transform the place? So that’s exactly what has happened at street art bar and Restaurant De Bajes on the Utrechtsestraat, just around the corner of Rembrandtplein. No more trips to the north part of Amsterdam to admire the street art scene in town.


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We were lucky enough to visit the official opening of the bar/restaurant. For the first half hour, we couldn’t do anything else than watch the high ceilings filled with impressive and unique street art. If you manage to make your customers feel at home in such a spacious building, you’ve certainly earned a few plus-points because we couldn’t feel more at home here. So props to founder Sven Toering for achieving that by placing cosy lamps and other decoration against the industrial walls and floor #interiorgoals.

When you enter the bar/restaurant you first come across its lounge area, which is the perfect place for some drinks and snacks. In between the lounge and dining area you’ll find a cool bar, where they serve many different types of gin (over 40 in total), whiskey, wine, you name it! We tried a very special cocktail, which the host advised and contained the restaurant’s own Dutch gin. Highly recommended! But before you start to think that we’ve only been sipping drinks, we can assure you that we also enjoyed amazing food. The best part? You can enjoy breakfast all day long here. But we also recommend the yummy duck spring rolls, the delicious catfish and the amazing dark chocolate mouse, which we’re still daydreaming about.

The ‘homely’ feeling that we got from de Bajes is exactly what the founder is aiming for, a kind of ‘living room’ vibe among the colourful street art on the walls. Here you can always hop in for some breakfast, snacks or propper dinner. We can’t get enough of these kinds of places in Amsterdam. Creativity at its best!

De Bajes
Utrechtsestraat 11
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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    Street art bar and restaurant De Bajes in Amsterdam offers more than just the ultimate food experience - Colourful Rebel | The young & restless
    November 7, 2017 at 17:24

    […] We’ve shared our experience with De Bajes before but we were back and we’ve got some more news to share. First of all, we would like to stress the beauty of the openness of the bar/restaurant. This isn’t just due to the high ceilings and open floors but also because the place has decided to give everyone his/her space and privacy by keeping a decent amount of space between the bar, the dining tables and the lounge area. You would expect this to lead to a very cold and open space but De Bajes has found the perfect solution for that: street art. Another problem you would expect to occur in such an open space would be the resounding acoustics but also no need to worry about that. You can hear everything your dinner date has to say without spoiling your neighbours with juicy details. […]

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