Don’t look any further: The Hoxton Paris is the place to be


How we get out of that daily rut? Make a weekend trip! We’ve got a couple of go-to cities in Europe that are always on our shortlist. Barcelona, Dublin, Bruxelles and Lisbon. Cities that never disappoint and always deliver. But there is one city on that shortlist that has a special little place in our heart: Paris! You’ll find a typical French bistro on every corner of de street in the city of love (yes it’s cliche, but we’re romantics), and you are constantly surrounded with the beautiful rich history of architecture and culture that Paris has to offer.


Although we love a last minute decision to make a weekend trip, there is one thing we don’t like: the stress of booking a room at a cool hotel. This is something we can easily can get lost in. Is the location alright? Is the room big enough? How is the breakfast (very important)? How many good reviews does the place have? So many questions, so little time when you do a last minute search. Well not if you book your room like us at the beautiful The Hoxton (yes, there is also a Hoxton in Amsterdam). The Hoxton has everything you need and more. Comfy beds, the best breakfasst, superb location and it looks absolutely stunning.

You’ll find The Hoxton in a stunning building that has two (!) amazing courtyards. These courtyards function as delightful terrace or lobby where guest can unwind from their day (of eating and shopping in our case). The French government has declared the building a national monument, something you’ll understand when you enter. Designed in the 18th century by Nicolas d’Orbay for Etienne Rivié, to whom the restaurant on the first floor is named. A classic and fancy French bistro, with a beautiful menu that has a modern twist.  

The Hoxton let’s all the old details of the building in tact what causes that ‘historical’ feeling. The feeling when you walk the 300 year old stairs, or when you enter the beautifully renovated Jacques bar is sensational. You’ll get that same feeling when you enter the rooms which are available in four sizes: Shoebox, Cosy, Roomy and Biggy. We stayed at the ‘Cosy’ room with garden view and got the best night of sleep (the garden is nice and quiet). All the rooms are equipped with everything you need for a good stay: satellite tv, bluetooth radio, little fridge, water cooker, a very spacious shower and – don’t underestimate this when on a shopping spree – enough space for all your suitcases.


This all sounds great, right? But what about the location? Don’t worry about that, because you’ll find The Hoxton in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. This formally industrial neighborhood is now known for its vibrant scene of restaurants, cafes and local shops (watch out, you are going to spend all your money here). Although you have everything you want for a weekend in the 2nd arrondissement, with the metro you’ll be at the Eiffel Tower in 30 minutes. Or if you rather go on an art tour at the Louvre, the metro takes you there in just 20 minutes. Perfect! However, on our trip to Paris we skipped all of the ‘touristy’ things and just hung out at all the different terraces. Mainly because it was literally 35 degrees outside but also because this is our favourite thing to do in the city of love food. Good food, even better wines and watching people all day long. It doesn’t get better than this.

[TIP] In case you want to go shopping but are a little tired of the usual shops: go to Les Puces de Saint Ouen. This is the largest vintage market of Europe, where you never go home empty handed. When you are low on cash, this market is still a great place to hang out because of all the vibrant people and shop owners. Never a dull moment!


So next time you are taking your loved one to Paris and start stressing about where to stay: don’t. Just book a room at the The Hoxton and you are guarenteed to make the misses happy. Want to really blow your partner away during this trip? Then book a table at the sublime Hotel Costes, where you will find one of our favorite restaurants of the world. No kidding. If you have little time, just go there for dessert and be amazed by the magnificent interior. If you do have more time, go for the risotto with truffel. Thanks us later.

Check The Hoxton Paris on Instagram, or book a room directly thru their website.

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