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Dream job: get paid to hang out with flamingos in the Bahamas

(Photos via Shutterstock/jelopess/Baha Mar)

What’s better than hanging out with flamingos on a tropical island? Getting paid to do so, of course! A luxury resort in the Bahamas, Baha Mar, is looking for a new CFO and that has surprisingly nothing to do with finance. Instead, the resort is looking for a new Chief Flamingo Officer. That’s certainly something different to add to your resume. So are you ready to spend your days caring for a bunch of feathery pink friends? This is you chance!

Obviously, this job is a bit more work than we make it seem as: “this position oversees the day to day operations of the flamingo collections and the staff that work in those areas to create a Beach Sanctuary experience that will leave a lasting impression on guests.” Furthermore, there are a few requirements: “you must have a degree in zoology or a related field, and at least five years of experience working with and caring for exotic birds.” No worries if you didn’t manage to tick all the boxes because on this tropical island you can hang out with flamingos for fun.

Ready for a flamingo adventure in the Bahamas? You can apply until 28 February via Baha Mar.

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