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Endless fries exist in Japan and it almost sounds too good to be true

(Photo via Shutterstock/Christian-Fischer)

Ever feel like you can just keep eating? In Japan they manage to find a solution for about anything and yep, you’ve guessed it, for this one too. Especially when it comes to fries. Crispy fries, to be exact. Japanese restaurant Harajuku Gyoza specializes in ‘foot long super crispy fries‘, sprinkled with mayonnaise. This is literally never-ending magic and the perfect excuse for not having to share. Problem solved!

The Japanese restaurant behind this piece of endless desire has already crossed the ocean once as it’s also available in Australia at the moment. So we can’t help but assume that it will come to Europe anytime soon. On Instagram, they reveal how they make the foot long fries, which reminds us of Spanish churros. Bye French fries, hello Japanese fries!

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