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Espresso flavoured gin is here and we’re just wondering if it’s weekend yet?

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Do you spend your weekends swapping your daily caffeine intake for gin & tonics? Then we’ve got good news because you can now mix the two by going for espresso tonics or bring on the fire and go for espresso gin. Yep, espresso gin now really exists and it’s limited edition so you might want to stock up. Who’s in for espresso gin & tonics?!

Tavistock Hospitality has launched the limited edition gin, together with a number of other unique gin flavours. Not sure what to expect from espresso gin? Just let its description do the talking: ‘Freshly ground coffee immediately arrives on the nose, followed by sweet citrus and piney juniper. All the depth, darkness and intensity you’d expect from an espresso, but not bitter. More typical gin flavours then resume with zingy lime peel and fragrant pepper, ending on the fresh flavours of juniper which lingers along with rich coffee.’ Is it weekend yet?

For £34.95 you can pre-order your bottle of Espresso Gin via Tavistock Hospitality.

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