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‘The Avocado Show’ in Amsterdam turns avocado dishes into works of art

(Photo via The Avocado Show)

You’ve probably already heard about Europe’s first avocado bar The Avocado Show in Amsterdam since it opened its doors almost a year ago. Nevertheless, this place continues to amaze us so we decided to share our love for it with all of you. Following the success of a few other avocado bars in the world, Ron Simpson and Julien Zaal decided to open Europe’s first avocado bar in trendy Amsterdam. And we couldn’t be happier when we first heard the news.

In the meantime, we’ve visited the hotspot a few times and every time we’re blown away. No plain avocado toast here, only works of art. It’s really amazing to see what one can do with a simple piece of avocado. On the menu are breakfast, lunch and even avocado drink options available. Turns out we aren’t the only happy customers as just 6 months after the official opening, The Avocado Show has already received a million investment for an international expansion. As a result, an avocado bar is opening in London and many other cities are to come.

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The Avocado Show
Daniël Stalperstraat 61
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
T: +31630633130

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