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Fathers Day shopping stress? Not with our special gift guide!

Colourful Rebel

(Photo’s: Colourful Rebel)

The time that you could make your dad happy with a painting made out of little shells, is sadly over. But what to give the old man this year? We know a lot of friends who keep forgetting this special day, so for everybody (ourselves included) who is also stressing out: we made a special gift guide with items from our webshop. From colourful sweaters to timeless sunglasses:

Go tropical all the way with the Pale Banana Sweat

Can your dad use a little bit of sunlight, because he is always working? To save yourself from buying a ticket to the tropics for pops, you can also give him our colourful Banana Sweat. It’s the kind of sweater that’s going to get your father loads of compliments at the office:

Pale Banana

The conversation starter: How You Doin’ shirt

Who says dad’s can only wear boring gray shirts? Right, we at Colourful Rebel disagree, because everybody deserves a little sparkle in their lives. Take for example the How You Doin’ Shirt, that will transform any boring conversation in a really good one.

How You Doin'

Piek, Piek, Pique Polo!

The polo has returned! Forget about all the boring polo’s you know, and meet our colourful version of it: the Pique. It has little coloured crosses on it and fits like it’s tailor made.

Pique Polo

Your dad deserves all the stripes he can get

There are certain things in (fashion) life that are always a ‘yes’, a stripe on a shirt or sweater is one of them. Please meet our famous Stripes Sweat Red:


Check? Classic Check!

Dads and cool swim shorts don’t always go together very well. For example, our dad still swims in a very tight Speedo. Do we care? No, because we love him! But we thinks that dad’s around the world deserve more than just a very tight Speedo, so that’s why we would like to introduce the Classic Check swim short:


Marco? Polo!

Ok, try number two: is the previously mentioned polo a little too much for your dad? Look no further, because we have the same version, but without the little coloured crossen. Win-win!

Colourful Rebel

Because you can never have enough sunnies

One thing is for certain: getting your dad a cool pair of new sunnies is always a good idea. This year we have loads of new colours and models on the webshop. Our favourite? The Jade Black! A classic and timeless design:

Jade Black

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