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Keep getting distracted? The FocusCap is here to get you back on track

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Working in an open office space can lead to the ultimate home interior goals, an explosion of creativity and unfortunately, the memory of your co-worker chewing on a piece of food imprinted in your mind for good. Oh, the perks of #officelife. Fortunately, there are also people in this world working in an office coming up with solutions for these kinds of #firstworldproblems. This has resulted in the one and only FocusCap.

Designer Hanner Grebin came up with the idea of creating ‘noise-cancelling for your eyes’, kind of like horse blinkers for humans, to get rid of outside distractions. Add noise-cancelling headphones and you will be in the working zone all day errday. Got enough work done, just flip up the side handles and you’ve got a regular cap. Genius! The FocusCap is currently just a prototype but keep an eye on their website to sign up for pre-sale.

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