General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of Colourful Rebel Ltd. (Chamber of Commerce number 63392976) for online magazine (hereinafter referred to as magazine) (hereinafter referred to as the Website). By using the offered functions of the magazine, you agree to these general terms and conditions.

It is forbidden to use the magazine and/or the Website for actions that are in contravention of the Dutch or other applicable rules and regulations. This includes among other things, the storage and distribution of information via the magazine that is offensive, insulting or racist, or pretending to be someone else.

It is forbidden to use or distribute the comments placed by users on the Website without permission from Colourful Rebel.

Without permission from Colourful Rebel, you are only allowed to use a hyperlink to the website as long as this is for solely informative purposes. The usage of a hyperlink for other purposes, such as commercial, is consequently forbidden.

You are ought to respect intellectual property rights on the Website’s presented articles, including, but not restricted to, texts, brands, photos and images and additional (fixed and/or moving) footage. Without explicit agreement from Colourful Rebel, it is forbidden to make the above mentioned material public, to duplicate, store or offer for sale in whatever form.

In case Colourful Rebel detects that you have violated the above mentioned general terms and conditions or received a complaint, Colourful Rebel is allowed to intervene to end this violation.

In case Colourful Rebel detects obstacles, damage or other dangers as the result of the functioning of the computer system of Colourful Rebel’s network, specifically, due to the excessive dispatch of e-mails (or other information), leaking of personal data or activities tied to viruses, Colourful Rebel is authorized to take all measures they perceive as necessary to ward off or prevent this danger.

You indemnify Colourful Rebel from all claims of third parties in relation to the comments you placed. Colourful Rebel is not responsible for the content of personal comments by users of the magazine.

No rights can be derived from the articles of this online magazine.