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Guy spends a year creating a giant sphere using 42.000 matches to light it all up

(Photos via https://www.reddit.com/user/wallacemk)

Why we love the internet? Because without the introduction of the world wide web we would have never known about a guy spending a year creating a perfect spehere using only matches. A sphere consisting of 42.000 matches that is. Reddit-user Wallacemk is the name of the modern legend and he spent around $500 on matches in total. What we’re most impressed by is Wallacemk’s dedication because on Reddit he explains that it’s a real pain in the ass to glue all those matches together. You bet:

Wallacemk might know how to glue but he’s not so good at calculating. Regardless of his estimation, he was left with 20.000 matches as he explains in his hilarious report on Reddit:

“I kept all my empty boxes of matches in order to get an estimate of how many I used in the end. I finished with exactly 140 boxes of matches that went into this project. If they all actually had exactly 300 matches in them, that equals 42,000 matches. This was significantly off from my 62,654 match estimate but many factors could have contributed to this: Maybe there aren’t exactly 300 matches in each box. Maybe I didn’t make a perfect sphere (I didn’t). Maybe matches are different sizes (they are). Still, 20,000 matches is a significant margin of error. So much for accuracy.”

The moment we’ve been waiting for: 

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