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Guy turns trash cans into flower works of art and he’s our all-time hero

If you’re an Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest fan, a trash can filled with flowers is probably not a very unfamiliar scene. It looks pretty, it makes you wonder about the story behind the flowers, how did they end up in that bin? Is someone sad? Or was it set up? All very emotional ideas because of some flowers in a bin.

The flower designer Lewis Miller took this representation to new heights by setting up flower displays and leaving them in trash cans all over New York City, which make up the most amazing scenarios.

Lewis doesn’t stick to trash cans only. He has covered other iconic parts of NYC in flowers, with the idea to gift New Yorkers. Some call it vandalism, others see it as a flower-like Banksy act. All in all, we’re sure Lewis is making everyone’s day a bit better by sharing his love for flowers with New York. Thanks to social media we can have a taste of it too.

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