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Guys aren’t allowed to wear shorts to work during heatwave so they wear skirts instead

(Photos via Irish Examiner/Youtube)

There’s a heatwave in Northern-Europe and suddenly everyone’s confused. We get the most awkward sunburns, the most painful ones but most importantly we just try to wear as least clothes as possible. Unfortunately, there’s this thing known as a ‘dresscode’ at most workplaces and it seems like it isn’t loving men very much. As a result, the last couple of days guys have been sent home for wearing shorts (?!).

So they decided to stick to the women’s dress code instead. For some, this has led to a true dress code revolution. After call center worker Joey Barge was sent home from work because he was wearing shorts he took ‘revenge’ and showed up the next day wearing a pink dress. Besides looking fabulous, the company decided to adjust their dress code rules so Joey is now allowed to wear 3/4 length shorts. That’s about 1/4th of an improvement.

Unfortunately, these French bus drivers weren’t able to officially change their work dress code just yet but they did spend a day driving buses in skirts because they aren’t allowed to wear pants even though passengers don’t see the drivers’ legs once seated. After the mankini and male rompers, these guys just invented the male skirts (help).

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