Guys decide to visit Japan’s ‘suicide forest’ overnight and go completely crazy

(Screenshot via YouTube/TFIL)

If we would be on holiday with our friends in Japan and one of them would come up with the idea to walk around ‘Aokigahara’ in the middle of the night, we would immediately lock them up in our hotelroom. Japan’s Aokigahara is also known as the ‘Suicide Forest’ for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, a bunch of friends decided to take a look at the forest overnight and that resulted in some viral Blair Witch-like scenes. ‘Warning: Incredibly Scary.’

These crazy guys, however, aren’t the first (or last) ones to visit the forest. YouTuber Logan Paul decided to record a vlog in the suicide forest, which nearly marked the end of his career:

PS. Suicide is, of course, a very serious subject. Do you or do you know anyone who wants to talk about it. Check out the Suicide Prevention Lifeline website.

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