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Had enough of the sun? 11 X to do’s in Amsterdam to cool down

Vondelpark Zon

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Oh how happy we are with a full dose of vitamin D from the last few sun-filled weeks, there’s no limit! Sun here, a festival there and loads of terrace weather. But sometimes you also need to take some distance from the sun – yes for real – to appreciate that piece of shining yellow beauty even more and because you just can’t show up to work as a burned tomato every single day. Therefore, we’ve selected an overview of the best activities for when you’ve had enough of the sun.

Summer movie nights

Sometimes we somehow forget how much fun it is to visit the cinemas. If you get a late film around 10 pm, you can even fix a compromise with your sun-loving friends. Our favourite is the Filmhallen in West-Amsterdam, where you can also enjoy good food in one of their 20 food stands. The ideal night out!

PS. Not a fan of the Hallen? We’ve selected our top-5 favourite cinemas.

More information | FilmHallen

Finally a table at the best restaurants

Have you ever entered a restaurant in Amsterdam on a Friday evening without making a reservation? “There’s the door, get out!” is often all you get when the place is packed. Now that it’s sunny, everyone heads to the terraces, which makes it easier to get a table at the more popular restaurants. At for example restaurants like De School and the Goudfazant, the doors are opened and the restaurant is simply moved outside. Win-win.

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More information | De School | Goudfazant

De School terrassen Amsterdam


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Shooting zombies in VR

Now it’s time to really cool it down, even though things can get pretty hectic over here. In North-Amsterdam (5 minutes from the shortest ferry ride from Central Station) you can find Europe’s first VR Arcade hall, where you can shoot zombies with your friends and enemies. You get a complete VR suit, a weapon and are allowed to run around the hall in a complete virtual world. We’ve tried it out and all we can say is that it’s like nothing we’ve ever done before. Oh, and it’s nice and cool and dark down there!

More information | VR Arcade

VR Arcade Noord

Sing from the top of your lungs at karaoke bar Duke of Tokyo

Who says that karaoke bars are just there for the end of a drunk evening? Why not start the evening there, especially now that it’s so hot! The latest addition to Amsterdam’s karaoke scene offers you your own private booth and the cocktail menu is so exotic, it will make you feel as though you are actually outside. Come and get us when it closes!

More information | Duke of Tokyo

Duke of Tokyo

(Photo via Duke of Tokyo)

Painful but fun: Airsoft Aalsmeer

From painful, awkward moments in the karaoke bar, we go to physically painful moments. We’ve once spent an afternoon playing airsoft in an old TV studio in Aalsmeer and are still emotionally recovering. Because those balls actually really hurt, turning you into some kind of commanding adrenaline junky while running around crazy through the building. Fix yourself a good time because otherwise, you’ll be dealing with the hard work yourself (#truestory).

More information | Airsoft Aalsmeer

Airsoft Aalsmeer

Chardonnay in the park? You mean Wijnbar Paulus!

What to do when all of Amsterdam’s terraces are filled with people sipping cheap ass wine? Enjoy some good wine instead! After trying out different wine tastings, we can argue with some kind of expertise that Paulus’ is the most fun. Why? Because it is so informal and you’re basically just busy sipping wine. You can find it around the corner of Sarphatipark, so you can just leave your sun-addicted friends there and go to the next level yourself.

More information | Wijnbar Paulus

Wijnbar Paulus

(Photo via Wijnbar Paulus)

Europe’s biggest indoor pool slide

What we simply don’t understand is why the train from Amsterdam Central Station to Zandvoort is completely packed on a hot day like this. Why?! Why not go to a quiet city beach or even better: Europe’s biggest indoor pool slide?! Yep, we also don’t have any reliable arguments for this. Okay, you might need to take the train to Drenthe but we expect it to be less packed than the one to Zandvoort.

More information | Hof van Saksen

Air hockey club Puck

While your friends are getting sunburned in the park, you can hang out in the coolest air hockey club of Europe. Or even better: Europe’s only air hockey club, which is immediately also the most awesome one. The founders of the TonTon Club (also on this list) are behind this awesome project and this way you immediately know it’s going to be a success.

More information | Air hockey Club Puck

Airhockey club Amsterdam

(Photo via Airhockey club Amsterdam)

Get sweaty at cooking workshop Okura

We know, a bit of a wild card this one as some will probably argue that ‘cooking, that will only make you hotter!’. True but it’s also an incredible experience and you can all do this in restaurant/hotel Okura’s beautiful cellar, far far away from the sun. We’ve tried a cooking workshop here before but the workshop is constantly being updated so be sure to check their current information.

More information | Okura


(Photo via Okura)

Last call for help: try the -110 degrees Freezlab

Are you still overheated after all these indoor tips? Then there’s only one thing left to do, hit the Freezelab! Because ‘it’s good for you’ to endure -110 degrees while wearing nothing but a bikini (or swimming shorts for the boys, no worries). We’ve tried it once and we can definitely say that it’s a unique experience. After that, all you’ll want is some sun!

More information | Freezelab


Arcade fun at TonTon Club

With multiple locations in town, there’s always a place to hide at the TonTon Club. We love this arcade hall because it allows you to beat your friends with a round of Dace Dance Revolution. Plus, the food is always good! Are you together with a couple of friends who can’t say bye to the sun, the TonTon location at Westerpark comes with a big terrace. So they can watch you have fun!

More information | TonTon Club

TonTon Club West

(Photo via TonTon Club West)

PS. Prefer to enjoy the sun without an overcrowded terrace? We have listed the best hidden terraces that aren’t always packed. Don’t tell anyone!

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