Here’s a GIF collection of Jon Snow’s butt to make waiting for Season 8 less dreadful

(Photos via Twitter/HBO)

Twitter understands what’s important in life. Especially, this Twitter user @magophers knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. Because of course [SPOILER] it sucks that the Night King’s dragon ruined a thousand-year-old wall in a few seconds with some magical laser (??) stuff and of course we were cheering when Littlefinger was killed due to some badass #girlpower but that wasn’t exactly what we came for. All we wanted was a naked Jon Snow and a naked Jon Snow we got! Ok, this romance was perhaps ruined a little bit by Bran who suddenly decided it was a good time to explain exactly what was going on but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the true highpoint of the season: Jon’s butt.

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The complete scene:


Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke’s hilarious response to the scene:


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