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Madrid’s last porn cinema transformed into the perfect retro hangout spot

(Photos by Lucia M)

Just like people, buildings tend to have a rich history too. Some more interesting than others. The Sala Equis in Madrid is definitely one to mention as it was built in 1913 to function as the headquarters of a newspaper agent. Twenty years later it was shut down and turned into a cinema, which slowly moved from screening Hollywood blockbusters to X-rated films. Now Madrid’s last adult cinema has been transformed into a cultural hub hosting a bar, restaurant and cinema only minus the X-rated movies. History continues in a very retro way.

Design studio Payser managed to keep most of the building’s old facilities intact while adding more modern features. You can either hang out at the low tables for some casual drinks, sit back to watch movies on the projector screen or listen to a live band playing. In some corners, you can still even feel the erotic history of the place. Oo-la-la. And look at those comfy cinema chairs, we don’t think we would ever want to leave them. Madrid, here we come!

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