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Home Interior Inspiration | 5 creative ways to display polaroids

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Confession: we love to take our polaroid camera wherever we go only to leave the pile of memories sitting on our shelves collecting dust. Sounds familiar? Then we’ve got the perfect piece of home interior inspiration for you. Those printed memories are perfect to give your boring walls a makeover including some fun DIY material.

Light string

Some home stores sell ready-made light strings but it’s very easy to make them yourself. All you need is a piece of string, perhaps even Christmas decorations and clothes pegs. This way you can also decide yourself how long you want the piece of string to be and thus, your memories.


Share the love! The square-shaped polaroids are perfect to create fun shapes with on your wall. A popular one is a heart-shaped polaroid collection, make it as big as your memories are.


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Want to keep your polaroids safe? Sticking them on a piece of paper and framing them might be the answer. This also gives your photos a more sophisticated touch.

Mesh panel

Another fun DIY project. Buy a piece of mesh panel at a DIY-store and a few clothes pegs and you’re ready to start clipping. Place the mesh panel on your desk and combine a few other fun notes and scrabbles. A fun industrial but personal touch to your home.


Make your polaroids more lively by attaching them to a piece of string and hang them to a branch. This way your polaroids become more vibrant almost as living leaves. Also a fun way to add more earthy tones to your home.

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