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New year, new interior! Time to leave (or throw away) all bad vibes of 2018. That plant that you ever received from your ex? What else do you have to do with it? Also applies to those shirts that are still in your closet. But how do you fill in those empty spaces now? Or do you just want a whole new interior? We have put the trends of 2019 for you in a row. And they might be familiar, because we have already written about some of these trends!


Of course, we have to start with this trend. It was already a huge hype in 2018, but in 2019 it will be a real trend. Velvet sofas, dining room chairs and so on. And we are a huge fan of this.



No, not completely bling bling everything gold. It has to be subtle. Simple golden details really complete your home.


We know one thing for sure: the more green, the better. It gives a house an atmosphere, or even better: it gives your house life.


This detail makes your house neutral again. This allows you to go crazy with velvet touches and gold. And then the wood neutralizes this again. Back to basic!

Round items

Round items make the house less hard. And in our opinion it always provides more space. A round dining table still provides more space than a square where only four chairs can handle?

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