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Hotels of the week | Where to stay for less than 100 euros

Hotel Bienvenue


It is January and it’s already freezing cold. And the weather forecast tells us it will get colder. This means we have to book a ticket to the sun or anywhere else in general. Now going on vacation is a whole expense in itself. Book a flight, find a hotel and we haven’t even spoken about all the money you will be spending in the city itself. Before you know it, you’re poor. So you prefer to keep things cheaper in some areas. And why would you spend hundreds of euros on a hotel if you only plan to sleep there? We discovered these hotels, where you can stay for less than €100. Winning!

Villa Seminyak, Bali

Go big or go home, that’s how we will be starting this list. Why rent a room if you can go for an entire villa? So you can share the most expensive villa with five others and it will only cost you a little over € 50 per night.


Villa Seminyak Villa Seminyak Villa Seminyak Villa Seminyak

Hotel Bienvenue, Paris

The city of love. One of our favorite cities in Europe. This city has stolen our hearts. And then we haven’t even started talking about all those beautiful boutique hotels that can be found throughout the city. Completely finished in style. If you stay here, you do not even want to leave your hotel.

Hotel Bienvenue


Hotel Bienvenue Hotel Bienvenue Hotel Bienvenue

Paradise Road Hotels, Sri Lanka

Saving some money for a ticket may take some time, but if you book your room already for the end of the summer, the two of you have a wonderful room for very not so much money. And then you also have a nice trip to look forward to.

Paradise Road Sri Lanka


Paradise Road Sri Lanka Paradise Road Sri Lanka Paradise Road Sri Lanka

Max Brown, Berlin

Fancy a citytrip but Paris isn’t really your thing? How about Berlin? Max Brown has a few other locations throughout Europe (including two in Amsterdam!), but the one in Berlin is the cheapest. An extra reason to go to Berlin. It will cost you less than € 60 for the largest room.

Max Brown Berlijn


Max Brown Berlijn Max Brown Berlijn Max Brown Berlijn

Escarabajo Rojo, Tulum

We’re moving to Central America. There you can find one of our favorite countries: Mexico. And then we have one spot in particular we have fallen in love with. That’s Tulum. If you have never seen paradise, you will find it here. And to complete the feeling, you have to rent the Escarabajo Rojo.

Escarabajo Rojo


Escarabajo Rojo Escarabajo Rojo Escarabajo Rojo

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