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How to survive the big Colourful Rebel Sample Sale | 10 tips

Sample Sale Colourful Rebel

Everyone who already has been to a sample sale knows: it’s lots and lots of work. And when we’re talking about a sample sale with more than 20.000 items (!), it’s literally a dollhouse. We are talking shameless about our own sample sale of course. Which is the first weekend of April (5,6 and 7) in the beautiful Casco Amsterdam. Because our sample sale was one big crazy happening last year and the ticketsale is going really hard, we thought it was very useful to provide you with some tips. That we secretly go from sample sale to sample sale ourselves in our free time has nothing to do with this, we promise!

Tip #1 – wear the right outfit (because no fitting rooms)

We use almost every pretty square meter in Casco to expose all our items (because 20.000 items) so no space for fitting rooms. But the diehard sample sale visitor knows that it’s not necessary at all. But what’s necessary is good ‘fitting clothing’. You don’t want to stand there half naked while you’re fitting a beautiful dress. The best solution is just a legging with a tight top. Then you’re sure no one is going to see you buck naked.


Tip #2 – choose the right partner in crime

Make plans with your shop buddy in advance. Are you going to look at each other sizes? Or are you just going for your own goal? It has to stay a bit cozy, that’s why we advice to go for option 1. In that case you need a buddy who is going to tell you to go for the black dress or the blue dress. Are you planning on going crazy, so you don’t have to shop anymore for the rest of the year? We like! In that case you need to bring a shopping buddy that will carry your bags and makes sure she replies with ‘perfect, good idea’ all the time.

winkelen shoppen

Tip #3 – Don’t Snooze

Maybe a bit silly but, it all starts with signing yourself up for a ticket for the right time slot (for only 3 euros). Last year all slots were filled faster than fast, so find your partner in crime and make sure you’ll find your outfits for a bargain.


Tip #4 – Pee before the game begins

Go to the toilet BEFORE you arrive. Sounds logical, but once your in you just want to try on the nice clothes and don’t want to hobble with a full bladder. Besides that, Casco has a great bar with a lovely menu. So take a drink, go to the toilet and then you can start with fresh and new energy, believe us an empty bladder isn’t one of those options.



(Casco Amsterdam)

Tip #5 – ‘Winter wardrobes are made in the summer’ (and vice versa)

Visiting a sample sale is looking forward. If you see that incredibly beautiful sweater for a great deal, but the sun is shining outside: think about the days you were freezing on your bike. Freezing and with a bank account as empty as a bottle of chardonnay at the end of a friday night. Same for the summer items. When you see your dream bikini in the ice cold winter: don’t doubt. You’ll regret it later!

winter bikini


Tip #6 – Make friends in the queue and avoid a fight for the same piece

We don’t exaggerate when we say that we’re still in contact with a few people we met at the sample sale. Ok, we’re just talking about upcoming sample sales, but the love is strong. A place like a crowded sample sale is, if everybody keeps it fun, also a place to have a cozy chat with other people, and maybe you’ll even fix a date over there. So stop the Tinder and help your co-shopper out of a fire (and into a new outfit).   

vechten om aankopen

Tip #7 – Handy shoes that you can quickly take on and off

It’s a bit in line with tip #1, but because we had some personal issues with this one, we considered another number. It’s not that you can put on any flip flops you want but if not we would recommend something like that. In an average sample sale your shoes will be taken off like 20 times, and we are far from average. Go for comfort!

schoenen hakken

Tip #8 – Bring cash and card

We love Amsterdam-North and all the hotspots over there, but to withdraw money is a bit more difficult. That’s why you should bring some cash as well. Paying with card is of course also possible, but for people who would like to make it outside quickly, cash is the solution.


Tip #9 – Decide a budget before you arrive

Kidding of course! Just think about the money your spending now (on a rainy saturday) on a dress or a t-shirt, you still have for the rest of the summer. That’s just thinking out of the box, we would love to see you in Amsterdam-North the first weekend of april. 20.000 Items in the big hall or afterwards at the bar with a glass of wine to admire your new wardrobe.


Tip #10 – The grand finale – the reward – Amsterdam-North

Yes, you made it! You survived the Colourful Rebel Sample Sale, with in your bag a whole new wardrobe, summer, winter, or whatever season it might be. Right on time for a beer or a wine at the bar. And after? You’re all the way in Amsterdam-North now, so you better make the best out of it. You have some great terraces over here, as well as the ‘IJ’ a view on the city and the Amsterdam Tower is all you need. So have fun!

Amsterdam Noord IJpromenade Amsterdam Noord IJpromenade VR Arcade Noord

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