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Ikea introduces hilarious ‘Relationship Saving Station’ for bickering couples

Everyone tends to make jokes about how stressful a Saturday afternoon with your lover at Ikea can be but nevertheless, we all do it. There you go again, with a hot dog in one hand arguing about the new Klippan trying to decide if you want to go for the Vissle yellow or the Marrehill pink. We don’t have any statistics but we can imagine that quite a few relationships end either at or after a visit to Ikea. Because when you finally exit the building filed with the exact opposite of what you were coming for, this is only the beginning as the real work starts at home when putting everything together. Ikea is fully aware of these struggles and is here to help. In Burbank, California you can now find the first ‘Relationship Saving Station‘ invented by Jeff Wysaki.

Just like the rest of Ikea’s products, the station is filled with creativity. A place to relax and most of all have a bit of fun. We would at least find it a real challenge to keep a straight face while your better half is wearing a stupid milk hat or screaming at a tiny (fake) horse. Turns out Ikea is here for relationship therapy too because they perfectly know that a happy couple is a couple eager to spend money. Let’s hope we’ll see this in other Ikea’s around the world too.

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