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In the red-light district hides Amsterdam’s finest meat restaurant ‘Cannibale Royale’

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The golden rule in Amsterdam: if you’re looking for a place to eat good meat you must visit restaurant Cannibale Royale. It took us some time but we’ve finally managed to visit all three of their locations. Last night marked the special moment, we visited their latest addition on the Nieuwe Niezel, right in the middle of the red-light district. Yes, that’s right, there’s more to the red-light district than ‘real meat’. Slowly the area is changing due to the municipality’s plan for a new approach towards the filled-with-tourist district. As a result, more and more shops and restaurants are opening in the area.

At the same time, this also gives both residents and tourists, who aren’t interested in what the red-light district tends to offer, the opportunity to visit this iconic part of town. Especially, as an Amsterdam resident, it’s a part of town we tend to avoid. So we weren’t exactly prepared for all the people covering the narrow streets of de Warmoestraat when entering on our bikes. Nevertheless, this also made us realise that this is also part of Amsterdam, which at the same time makes Cannibale Royale’s new location our favourite. After pushing ourselves through the masses of people we found meat heaven right there on the Nieuwe Niezel. The menu is the same as at their other locations, which definitely is a good thing because we totally believe in “never change a winning team”. Don’t come here if you’re on a diet because you’ll only find meat on the menu but the best meat in town.

Therefore, we started the meat fest by sharing chicken wings, steak tartar and nachos with chicken. For the main course, we ordered the L’Exceptionnel (600 gram), ribs (omg) and the burger of 180 grams. As we’re used to from other Cannibale Royale locations the ribs are just to die for. Seriously, hands down. The burger is pretty standard, you could get the same at a regular burger bar. However, what it’s all about is that piece of meat because that’s the true high point. There aren’t many restaurants in Amsterdam where you can eat such good meat. Therefore, we’ll definitely be back, which is exactly what the founders aim to achieve with the restaurant; to create a place where locals want to go even though its located in such a ‘touristy‘ area. Another must-visit in the red-light district: the TonTon Club, where you can play all kinds of games. Perfect for a small workout after all that meat eating by playing a few rounds at the pinball machine or air hockey.

Cannibale Royale
Lange Niezel 15
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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