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Let’s take a moment to appreciate Emily Ratajkowki’s hot vacation pics


We’ll stop repeating ourselves after this post but Emily just has the best body in the world. Good for us she doesn’t mind showing it (with some nude pics), which either makes us (men) super happy or (women) really insecure. Luckily summer’s gone so no need to worry about your summer body any longer. In the meantime, let’s just appreciate the beauty known as Emily, who seems to follow summer wherever it goes. Or perhaps the sun is following her.

Emily-Ratajkowski-Black-Bikini-Mexico-March-2017 (1)




Een bericht gedeeld door Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) op

Happy place

Een bericht gedeeld door Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) op

Someone got a sunburn

Een bericht gedeeld door Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) op


Een bericht gedeeld door Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) op



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