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London’s first avocado restaurant is coming to Covent Garden

(Photos via The Avocado Show)

The world can basically be divided into avocado lovers and –haters. As a result, there are places where people who want to avoid the green fruit as much as possible can enjoy their non-avocado menus, such as at this restaurant that banned the popular fruit, or restaurants where you can enjoy as much avocado as possible. Here in Amsterdam, Europe’s first avocado restaurant opened this year and from that moment onwards it has been packed. So London decided to follow and has announced it will get its own avocado restaurant.

Avocado lovers hold on for a little while longer because the Avobar is due to open at the end of the year and will be located on Henrietta Street in Covent Garden. It will be the first permanent avocado bar in London so this is going to be excited!

More information | website & Instagram

The Avocado Garden from our favourite Avo master @fooddeco 🙏🏽

Een bericht gedeeld door Avobar (@avobarlondon) op


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