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Lonely Planet releases ‘the best of Europe’ travel destinations of 2018

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If you’re into travelling, you’ll know about all the must-visit travel destinations in the world. As a result, you’re often not the only one who has read about this must-visit hotspot and soon you end up in a picturesque village photographing the exact same statue as a hundred other tourists. Also, not a problem but sometimes you’re looking for something more authentic. Therefore, Lonely Planet likes to sum-up less known hotspots. They’ve just released their ‘Best in Europe’: The essential destinations in Europe this year list and it’s filled with perfect less-known and upcoming travel hotspots. Ready for a travel list update?

1. Emilia-Romagna, Italy

North-Italy’s Emilia-Romagna tops off the list mostly because it’s ‘the best place to eat in Italy’ and that says a lot!

With a quartetto of culinary traditions originating here, the case is strong: ragù – not to be confused with the misnamed spaghetti bolognese – hails from the delectable capital, Bologna; prosciutto di Parma comes from, you guessed it, Parma; balsamic vinegar is the pride and joy of Modena (along with Osteria Francescana, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant crowned the second-best in the world in 2017); and parmigiano reggiano (Parmesan cheese) was also born in the region.


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2. Cantabria, Spain

Italy’s neighbour country Spain goes second, more specifically the rough north area of Cantabria.

The invitingly green region of Cantabria is one of Spain’s unexpected treasures: a land of wild, sandy beaches, mist-shrouded mountains, enchanting villages like Santillana del Mar and Comillas, lost-in-time churches hewn from the Ebro River’s sandstone banks, and some of Europe’s finest prehistoric cave art.

3. Friesland, The Netherlands

For the 3rd place we go north for those who love to visit The Netherlands for its real authentic landscapes, Lonely Planet advises to skip Amsterdam and head north to the province of Friesland.

Beyond the city, fertile fields crisscrossed by dykes frame a new art route – Sense of Place – that will celebrate the region’s beguiling landscape, a highlight of which is the peaceful quartet of islands in the Unesco World Heritage-listed Wadden Sea, the perfect spot to escape amid sand dunes, long beaches and tidal flats.

4. Kosovo

While East-Europe is already pretty up and coming, Lonely Planet encourages us to go even further west, to tiny Kosovo to be exact.

Coursing with energy, the world’s second-newest nation also boasts Europe’s youngest median population – and it’s their verve fuelling its development. The Kosovan section of the Balkans-spanning Via Dinarica hiking trail showcases the country’s peak-laden landscape to dramatic effect; more film fans each summer flock to Dokufest, an acclaimed festival in the sublime Ottoman-era city of Prizren; and when the trekking and movie-going ends, the burgeoning wine region of Rahovec beckons with more than a dozen vineyards.

For the complete list visit Lonely Planet.

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