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Looking for the best spareribs in Amsterdam? Visit new restaurant Pigs & Punch

Remember street art restaurant De Bajes in Amsterdam? If not, go and take a look but either way, it got some competition. In the exact same street, the Utrechtsestraat, a new restaurant has opened up: Pigs & Punch and it’s the perfect addition to the Amsterdam restaurant scene where simple but good food is key. We got to try out the new restaurant on a drunk Thursday evening and we can’t wait to go back (that has nothing to do with the ‘drunk’ part, if you’re wondering).

Pigs & Punch is divided into two floors. Downstairs you’ll find a cool bar and upstairs a dining area. We started off with a drink downstairs after which we moved to the first floor for food. Don’t worry because there’s no strict setup, you can also decide to eat downstairs at the bar or table but we decided to wait a bit longer (unfortunately, not the best idea). When we reached the bar and found an excessive choice of both cocktails and punch on the menu, we immediately confessed to the bartender that we have absolutely no idea what the difference is between the two. Soon we learned that punch always consists of 5 ingredients and can be poured into one big bucket to be shared with friends (as you might remember from American films). Even though we’ve tried a lot of cocktails in many different cocktail bars in Amsterdam, P&P’s bartenders still managed to surprise us. Partly because of the ingredients and the presentation.

From all this tasting comes our first piece of advice: don’t drink 2.5 cocktails when you’re hungry because that’s just not the best idea. Luckily, when you’re seated, the food service is incredibly fast and the staff will be right there when needed. This certainly is an exception in a busy restaurant scene as in Amsterdam.

There’s one absolute highpoint when it comes to the food P&P serves: spareribs. They are served with just the right amount of marinade and incredibly tender as if they’re about to fall right off the bone. The spareribs are part of their pig out menu, which consists of a variety of meat dishes with crusty baked potatoes. Perfect to share with your meat-loving friends because one platter is meant for two people. Talking about meat-lovers, this is the place to be as you can find just one vegetarian dish on the menu. At Pigs & Punch, you eat meat but certainly meat that has been cooked with loads of love. Furthermore, you can find pulled pork on the menu that has been marinated for at least for days. That’s what you call commitment!

Even though restaurants that tend to serve exclusively meat often fall into the category ‘pub food’. This, however, is absolutely not the case at P&P. Here you can enjoy heavenly spareribs with your friends or spend the evening with your date (m/f). Besides the food, this also has to do with the chic interior and cocktail bar. At Pigs & Punch, you won’t find an endless menu and choice overload. Instead, the combination of meat-dishes and punch or cocktails is all you’ll need. Start your evening upstairs in the dining area and slowly switch to the bottom floor and the bar. The best of both worlds.

Pigs & Punch
Utrechtsestraat 30A
Website / Facebook
T | +31 (0)20 330 2994

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