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Manchester’s first dog café is here and it’s dog (lovers) heaven


(Photos via Manchester Evening News)

We still can’t get over the amazing cat cafés that are opening up everywhere in the world. But what if cats just aren’t your thing and you enjoy a cup of coffee with some puppies walking around instead of cats. Because just like this hot dudes with kittens Instagram there is a hot dudes with dogs Instagram. It would be fair enough to open a dog cafe then too right? Well the moment’s finally here: a dog café just opened in Manchester! This must be heaven for dogs ánd dog lovers because there’s more to it than just a café. At Central Bark you can find a dog nursing centre, day-care, training centre, cuddling tent and the adorable beach-themed dog cafe called The Beach dog Café. We just can’t handle this.


It appears that the owner Tony Golden doesn’t only know exactly what dog lovers want, but also how to take good care of the dogs: “We keep them socialising together because that’s what reality is” explains Tony. “They all get along but what we do look at is their personalities, so some older dogs don’t want to play, some of the younger dogs have loads of energy. They’re just like kids. They get here in the morning, they turn up with loads of energy. We take them for a morning walk, play with them in the centre with different activities and come 1 or 2 o’clock they all start bedding down like kids for a nap.” Cuuuutee. And even if you’re more into cats we’re sure this café will steal your heart, just take a look.



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