Male rompers move over: the Mankini is here

(photo via antoinewardjr)

Just when you think that the female-gone-male fashion trend has officially gone crazy – aka male rompers – it gets next level weird. Mankini weird. Can someone please tell the inventors of this clothing item that a fancy version of Borat’s most famous clothing item is not necessary. Rompers, sure enough, we can understand that guys want to experience the easy life of having to put on just one piece of clothing before walking out the door, but bikinis, which just like the RompHim got its own creative name: the Mankini, that’s a different story.

You’d think guys are lucky enough being able to walk around showing off their titties on the beach without anyone watching them. While five hot guys running around Central Park convinced us that the male romper can be cute, we don’t think the Mankini can be saved. Perhaps if you’re into a bit of Baywatch?

like, realizing stuff.

Een bericht gedeeld door Antoine Ward Jr. (@antoinewardjr) op

Oo & by the way. I live by no one’s rules or standards, but my own.

Een bericht gedeeld door Antoine Ward Jr. (@antoinewardjr) op

do you; I dare you. #WardBody

Een bericht gedeeld door Antoine Ward Jr. (@antoinewardjr) op


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