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Meet our favourite Italian restaurant in Amsterdam-West: Primi

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A common assumption about the Amsterdam café and restaurant scene is that the service can be pretty rude and uninterested. We disagree but we can understand where this idea comes from. Especially at ‘eatcafes’, you are often assisted by a student who just got out of bed and casually asks you ‘yo, want another beer?’. But in particular, we noticed this difference when restaurant Primi, in the Staatsliedenbuurt (close to Westerpark). The service (and chef and owners) are incredibly friendly and helpful, which immediately gives you a warm feeling. Plus, a satisfied feeling because the food as Primi is just as amazing.

As things go with recommendations, a friend of ours recommended Primi, who visited the restaurant two times in the previous week (for lunch and dinner) and was impressed. When we called the restaurant on a Sunday evening at 7:30 pm to ask if they still have a table available, the cheerful Italian (only Italians work here, which makes it even more ‘authentic’) answered: “Just stop by, we have enough place”. When arriving at the restaurant it appeared to be completely empty because of other ongoing events in town. Our friend told us it is usually completely packed just like the restaurant’s Facebook page suggests so if you want to stop by: make sure to call that cheerful Italian!


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What we didn’t know beforehand was that Primi actually wants to bring the Italian concept ‘aperitivo’ to Amsterdam. That’s kind of like Friday afternoon drinks only every day of the week. Therefore, between 5 pm and 7 pm you get some snacks and a glass of wine so you can stick around a bit longer with your friends and/or colleagues. Just because of this genius concept we would recommend this place to anyone because we completely agree that there’s always time for drinks!

As a result, the menu is also divided into a ‘bar’ and ‘cucina’ section, of which the previous section is for snacks and the latter more for meals. Since we arrive at the restaurant late and are hungry we immediately ordered a few Italian snacks and pasta at once. But because we’re also going for wine (it’s Sunday), we get to enjoy a bit of ‘aperitivo’ too, which basically counts as starters:

(Yes: cocktails! The Italians also offer a great cocktail menu, which is updated every week)

Before we checked out the menu we already secretly hoped to find pasta with ragout, and you guessed it, it’s there! Additionally, we ordered a heavenly homemade gnocchi and the evening was already a success. The wine menu also deserves special points because it’s completely well-ordered. A number of 4/5 bottles for each type (from bubbles to white and from red to Italian beers), which we wine amateurs are loving. We decided to try the Nero D’Avola because we drank this like water during our summer holiday in Sicily and because it’s freaking good!

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To conclude: are you complaining that the service in Amsterdam can do better? Visit Primi! Do you love real Italian food with a modern touch? Visit Primi!

Primi Amsterdam
Van der Hoopstraat 96
1051 VL Amsterdam

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