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Pretty pink French patisserie ‘NANAN’ is the new Sketch London

(Photo via Sketch London)

If you ask someone what the ultimate London hotspot is, there’s a 100% chance that Sketch will hit the list. We completely understand why because who can resist those millennial pink velvet chairs, marble floors and stocked up sketches on the wall? Unfortunately, this millennial checklist has also led to complete hysteria and more people photographing their dishes instead of enjoying them. Enough reason to head to other places. From London, we go to Poland because here a beautiful new hotspot has opened, which looks like it has come straight from The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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Nanan is a French patisserie in Wroclaw, Poland, and it’s more than just pink Instagram heaven. Because the pastries they serve are almost just as good as the covered pink velvet walls, marble tables and gold retro lamps. If you happen to be in Poland, make sure to visit this hotspot!

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